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60,000 T

Natural Linen Bag

Medium Weight Linen

Hand/machine wash under cold gentle cycle


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Height: 36 cm
Length: 36 cm

Our products are not only about certain look, it is about feeling right about your surrounding and what you wear. It’s all you expect from a bag, being friendly, light-weighted, and washable. Its natural color perfectly equips any wardrobe. It can adequately style you as an element, or carry for you stylishly all you need outside home. A very good match for the Hito’s ON THE ROAD catalog.

Available in: Light Gray

Before purchase please consider the following points:

  • The HITO’s ON THE ROAD catalog is available in a limited palette, well-matched with each other including Black, Sand Beige, Smoked Oyster Gray, Khaki Green and Dark Army Green.