580,000 T

Piece 1: EASY RIDER Dress

Piece 2: NEW VISION Manteau

Piece 3: WITHOUT A CAUSE Scarf

REAL PRICE: 640,000 T

SET PRICE: 580,000 T

The collection is only available in colors in picture.


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Wear EASY RIDER dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots and a simple long pendant necklace, make a hair bun, add NEW VISION manteau to it and drop WITHOUT A CAUSE scarf on your shoulder, then enjoy your unique style in the mirror and join the party. If you predict it is cold in the host’s home put on a cardigan over the dress and keep the scarf around your neck.
In the other seasons you can simply match EASY RIDER with sandals or snickers on a trip or in the beach, and take the maximum advantage from its easiness and comfort.
Our long NEW VISION up-to-the-ankle manteau, with a WITHOUT A CAUSE scarf, regardless of the season makes a beautiful contrast with the short dress due to its height difference.


By selecting each set of our Designer’s Pick, a WITHOUT A CAUSE scarf, will be offered as bonus.