960,000 T

Piece 1: JANET Shirt

Piece 3: MINISTER Pants

Piece 3: NEW VISION Manteau

Piece 4: WITHOUT A CAUSE Scarf

REAL PRICE: 1,040,000 T

SET PRICE: 960,000 T

The collection is only available in colors in picture.

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The distinguished set of BUSINESS STYLE is the most appropriate choice for formal occasions. Wear BLACK &WHITE set with either flat shoes or high heels and enjoy your exclusive style at work or in a party.
This set, in combination with a NEW VISION manteau and a WITHOUT A CAUSE scarf is a “must to wear” for every business woman at their professional meetings. Pairing our NEW VISION up-to-the-ankle manteau with the JANET Shirt and the MINISTER Pants, creates a remarkable contrast in your look which will have a great visual impact on everyone.


By selecting each set of our Designer’s Pick, a WITHOUT A CAUSE scarf, will be offered as bonus.