How not to love linen?

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How not to love the texture of linen? Even when most admire linen fabric for its durability, absorbance and skin friendly features, my never ending love for linen is for its distinctive texture. I so much appreciate the natural state of this fabric that I joke about starting the movement against “linen ironing – pressing”. And even though I understand that new technological innovations and textile techniques are moving towards making linen fabric less wrinkled and easy to iron, I will always embrace wrinkles.   Source : notperfectlinen

Rich in Wrinkles

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Rich in wrinkles. How about to be not only calm and relaxed but also proud while wearing wrinkles? Maybe my attitude to the fabric is too subjective, but I really find wrinkled linen calm for my over – stimulated eyes. It is like you have been hugged ten times in the past hour or always heading back home from Bahamas airport. I love that this fabric always speaks for itself – creates the mood, binds you to slow down with your schedule and loves you. Just loves you.    Source: notperfectlinen      

Designer’s Picks

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Composition is a very significant element of aesthetics. It is mostly like the combination of a balanced amounts of various components on a canvas; a canvas which you paint in your everyday life. The frame hanging on your wall, the composition of your dining table, and the combination of the clothes you put on, all are the same canvases “you” paint. What a person looks on the outside resembles how he or she looks on the inside. Upon observation, much speculation about a person based on what he or she wears is likely. Your outwear, from form to color and accessories, even the perfume you wear depicts your personality and much more, exactly like what a painting does. HITO’s designers … ADD TO CART