Hito your Trip

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With light-travelling in mind, HITO designs its clothes in a way that through a matrix of matching and harmonious color palette, and different dress lengths, by choosing 3 pieces of our garments, and combining them with each other, you could have 5 sets of clothes. You can easily roll linen garments and pack them in your luggage, and enjoy your trip with the peace of mind of having a variety of outfits for various occasions ranging from shopping, sight-seeing, going to cafes, museums and art galleries, to business appointments and dinner at a restaurant with formal dress code with you.


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Each of us have experienced the difficulty of choosing the most proper clothes for a gathering. The common question of “What shall I wear?” occurs to us repeatedly, staring at the wardrobe while the rest of the family are waiting for us at the door. During New Year’s period, however, due to the high numbers of gatherings, this problem could be even more frustrating. Nonetheless, the most annoying part is putting up with a “formal” cloth in a gathering the entire time , since formal clothes are usually too tight and feel clammy. This uncomfortable condition, make us dream of our comfy jumpsuit at home and consequently we even may follow this dream and leave the party very early. Also, … ADD TO CART

HITO Goes Everywhere

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​”​HITO STYLE​”​ is now ready for shipping ​it’s ​products to other cities. ​If you are living in another cities, you​ can submit ​your​ orders through ​our ​website​ and​ ​receive​ ​your​ pack​ages at your doors​. Residents of other countries also can place their order by contacting us via email or contact-us page.

Designer’s Picks

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Composition is a very significant element of aesthetics. It is mostly like the combination of a balanced amounts of various components on a canvas; a canvas which you paint in your everyday life. The frame hanging on your wall, the composition of your dining table, and the combination of the clothes you put on, all are the same canvases “you” paint. What a person looks on the outside resembles how he or she looks on the inside. Upon observation, much speculation about a person based on what he or she wears is likely. Your outwear, from form to color and accessories, even the perfume you wear depicts your personality and much more, exactly like what a painting does. HITO’s designers … ADD TO CART

Buy Now, Online and Easy

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ON THE ROAD collection is the first catalog of HITO based on the sociology of Iranian culture. In this catalog we tried to present the clothing acquired from the natural elements with casual and boundless style but in harmony with the other items of catalog, in the way that by selecting some items of ON THE ROAD, a variety of different compositions will reside in your closet. HITO identifies its first catalog as a journey and exploring experience, therefore we have called this collection “ON THE ROAD”. On the Road is a famous novel by Jack Kerouac. A film of the same name is adapted from the novel, and directed by Walter Salles in 2012. We recommend reading the novel … ADD TO CART