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Each of us have experienced the difficulty of choosing the most proper clothes for a gathering. The common question of “What shall I wear?” occurs to us repeatedly, staring at the wardrobe while the rest of the family are waiting for us at the door. During New Year’s period, however, due to the high numbers of gatherings, this problem could be even more frustrating.

Nonetheless, the most annoying part is putting up with a “formal” cloth in a gathering the entire time , since formal clothes are usually too tight and feel clammy. This uncomfortable condition, make us dream of our comfy jumpsuit at home and consequently we even may follow this dream and leave the party very early. Also, attending several gatherings in one day, results in lots of perspiration and stinking of sweat or terrible smell of smoke. Also dry cleaning these clothes are not easy after all.

Keeping all this into account, HITO is introducing the “BLACK & WHITE” set. This collection is also made of Linen; our favorite fabric, which due to its natural texture, it is less likely to cling to your skin and allows the body to breathe. The minimalistic chic style of this catalog suits different occasions, since according to Karl Lagerfeld (Channel and Fendi Stylist), we believe;


“.You are never overdressed or underdressed with BLACK & WHITE”

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