Lifestyle of You


The word “Hito” in Japanese language means “person” and is often used when referring to a person or people in different situations. Japanese  Emperors’ name, for instance, traditionally ends with the character “Hito” in the meaning of “the highest standard”.

Our HITO promotes a lifestyle. Combination and composition in the sphere of clothing and home decoration is HITO’s expertise. The motto of HITO is “wear beautiful, use comfort and be unique” and following this motto, HITO collects globally inspired, well-made, unique products from all over the world.

HITO’s outwear is designed and selected from LagenLook(Layers) and Casual-Chic style, perfect to wear simultaneously at home, streets, work, and parties. These styles are flexible enough for different occasions in and out of Iran. By picking a set of HITO’s products, you will have all the components of a proper outfit for both interior and exterior spaces.

HITO is not a designer, not a tailor, not a fashion lounge, not a factory, but a Life Stylist. The current world-view of HITO has been built upon years of experiencing, working, traveling, education and studies.

HITO’s collection is not limited to the specific climate and geography, anywhere in the world from the Far East to Eastern Europe, from Mediterranean Coasts to America, is HITO’s place of birth.

HITO is a living experience, a personalized, simple and unique one. Thus we added another layer of meaning to the personality, humankind, people and all that HITO already meant in dictionaries for years; we’ve brought style into it.